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Transferring Agency Management Systems?
Completing an agency acquisition, moving to a new cluster or simply changing agency management systems? We have you covered. Traditional data conversion and data migration is super complicated, leaving gaps in client files which costs a ton of time! We adapted; let's chat.
Scratch meetings about meetings... Here most projects are completed in 14 days. 
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Our team works around the clock without interrupting your normal day-to-day business.
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We are highly familiar with your business; we speak your language. Most importantly, we understand the day-to-day operations of your team.
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Operational Lead, Kinetic Pro Group
Kim Patoc
As an operational leader, I continue to witness back office issues where traditional conversion leaves gaps in client information. KPG service allows data to be moved right the first time; saving costly work for service and sales agents after a transition.
Founder, Kinetic Pro Group
Haddie Jongema
As a COO of a nationwide agency with M&A focus, traditional data conversions and data migration services could not keep up with our pace and slowed new agent and client integration. Leveraging KPG's creative approach, we now get done in 10 days, what traditional service gets done in 120+. 
While every agency is different, they align in passion to serve others. Here at KPG, we believe in freeing you to focus on your clients and your team.
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